We put together a list of care tips that you might find useful, so you can focus on the creative side

Purchase flowers of sufficient maturity and quality

Pay attention to the quality of the stem; check for sturdiness, colour and the absence of damage

Remove wilted or damaged flowers and flowers with Botrytis

Do not spray water on buds and flowers as this increases the chance of fungal growth (Botrytis)

Do not use metal or antique crystal vases or containers; if you do, use an acid resistant liner.

Do not use unprotected or contaminated organic binding material.

Refrain from damaging the stems – remove the thorns only if absolutely necessary.

Cut at least 2 cm off the stem; 5-10 cm is better.

Cut the stems with a sharp knife or secateurs at an angel to prevent damaging and flattening of the stem.

Place all the flowers in clean containers in a solution of Chrysal Professional 2.

Give flowers that arrive wilted a changes to re-hydrate in their packaging whilst in a solution of Chrysal Professional 2, in a cool, dark place for several hours.

Always add flower food to your finished bouquet and provide your customer the relevant advice about the water and the use cut flower food

Add a speciality food, if available, for specific flowers and ideally provide a second sachet/liquid stick for topping up so that your customer can enjoy their flowers as long as possible



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