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The composition of cut flower food is like a balanced diet for cut flowers. The universal products are a general diet for all cut flowers and the speciality flower foods are a diet that is fine-tuned according to the needs of a particular flower type.

Cut flower research has shown that even within a flower type there can be variations. In practice, though, speciality flower foods are not always available. The ultimate goal is to provide cut flowers with the food and water as if still intact to the mother plant. Over- or underdosing with flower food will cause a less than optimum result.

The greater the deviation, the more disappointing the result will be, sometimes even negative. It is not good for the general condition and lowers the life expectancy.

Underdosing is most critical and shortens the vase life the most. Less than 80% of the recommended dosage can lead to the following deviations:


Stem discolouration

Delayed flower, leaf, form, colour and scent development

Limp petals

Limp leaf and leaf discolouration

Source: www.chrysal.com


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