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Not all flower foods are equally effective and even the best products on the market don’t always produce the optimum result. However, the results of these commercial products are always better than just tap water in the vase.

The reasons are complex.

This complexity is the main reason why serious companies like Chrysal invest in research and development year after year, in search of the best care for cut flowers. 

Cut flowers have to neutralize the differences between the various types of water in order to make the water suitable for flowers with the objective of approaching the water in the closedstem of an intact plant, as closely as possible. The resistance of the cut flower to all infections must be as high as possible. These infections are brought along from all growing regions of the world. The feeding of the flowers and prevention of cell and stem deterioration is the flower food’s job. An enormous task!

Home remedies are not sufficient for today’s flowers, which are produced and sold all over the world. The needs of flowers have increased too much.

There is no miracle product which works for every cut flower and water type.

Therefore, the researchers after running multiple tests on cut flowers and water during different seasons at different temperatures, have come up with multiple products which work for various types of flowers. They were created as the best possible compromise for as many flowers and water types as are available in the market.  


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