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Made with Deluxe OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife

Provides a water source for flowers, eliminating the need for water picks, and holds securely so there is no need to wire stems

Saves up to 39% in prep and design time over other methods

Patented foam segmentation minimizes dripping when the piece is displayed upright (Patent no. 5.588.253)

Perfect for sympathy, weddings, parties, anniversaries and more

20″ CROSS: 12-1/2″W x 21″H x 2-1/4″D

24″ CROSS: 15″W x 25″H x 2-1/4″D

30″ CROSS: 19″W x 31-3/4″H x 2-1/4″D

36″ CROSS: 22-1/2″W x 38″H x 2-1/4″D

Source: www.oasis.com

© Copyright 2019 John G. Hofland

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