Bessie is a French vanilla-colored English garden rose. She has a symmetrical cup shape with 100 petals carefully furled inside. She is a consistent opener and will open 90 percent, forming a strikingly large rose that is sure to attract interest. She has a light floral scent. Bessie looks like a blend of Leonora and Juliet – most of Juliet’s color with most of Leonora’s shape.

Color: Ivory and cream
Bloom Form: Deep cup
Bloom Size: Large
Days to Open: Up to 4 days
Petal Count: 100
Fragrance Intensity: 1 of 5
Fragrance: A light floral fragrance
Vase Life: 7-9
Breeder: David Austin Roses
Substitute: Juliet, Leonora

Pantone Color:

148 C

7506 C

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