Deluxe Garden Rose

Exclusively Grown by Alexandra Farms

Touch Ashley’s petals and you will be surprised at how sturdy and substantial they are. She opens fully into quite an extraordinary shape: a flat rosette with outer petals that cover the stem below and a complex swirling center. Her color, too, is notable—an intense medium pink suffused with hints of lighter and darker pinks that give added depth to the flower form. She has a very light rose fragrance.

Color: Pink

Secondary Color: Medium Pink

Bloom Form: Large Rosette

Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 1.9 and opens to 5.3 inches

Head Size: Medium

Petal Count: 118

Fragrance Intensity: 1 of 5

Fragrance: Not applicable

Vase Life: 12 Days

Origin: Germany

Length: 40-60 cm

Side Shoots: No

Bloom Opening Habit: 120%

Year Launched: 2014

Substitute: Princess KishiRomantic Antike

Awards: SAF Red Ribbon, Russian Gold Medal, Proflora Award

Pantone Color:
P 73-13 C

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