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Tips and Tricks on how to Enhance Flowers using Design Master Colour Sprays

Learn to achieve different effects with floral spray color using different techniques. Click Here to View Video

The Colours of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day isn't complete without a classic bouquet of roses. Whether you're giving or receiving, here's what you need to know about the meaning behind your Valentine's Day rose colour: I Love You A traditional symbol of love and romance, the red rose is a...

Traditional meets Modern

Holiday Inspiration Workshop!

Holiday Inspiration Workshop was a great success! Thank you to all the designers who attended and made it a great experience.

Dee Lennard Floral Design

November is already here! Inspirational urn designs created by the talented Dee Lennard Floral Design. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="14" gal_title="dee lannard"]


Leucadendron - this long lasting exotic flower will add colour and appeal to any flower arrangement. It will last 2-4 weeks depending on variety and/or whether one is measuring flower or foliage life. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="12" gal_title="Leucadendron"]

Reusable Plastic Armature, called a “Pillow.”

NEW at Hofland! A lightweight, reusable plastic armature, called a “pillow,” that fits into compotes and other vases. This ingenious product provides similar stem support as chicken wire, but without hurting your hands with the time-consuming task of cutting and...

Pink Rose Study with Amato Wholesale!

No matter what the pantone colour of the year is pink always rules! Check out the link comparing some of the most popular pink roses. Click Here for Full Blog.

Instagram post by La Primavera Farms

Both of these lovely ladies are Cafe au Lait dahlias. Cafes range in colour from ivory to streaky dark pink, and everything in between. So when you order cafes, you may get a range of colours. But don't worry- they're all...

Flower Collars

Flower collars are an easy way to dress up your furry four-legged attendant! Woof!
I’m Proud To Be Y’orchid!

I’m Proud To Be Y’orchid!

Ever wonder what I should get Mom this Mother's Day? Here is a great fun gift idea for Mom that will make her smile! Our beautiful Celfie Vase along with some Orchids will bring joy to Mom. Check out these examples, and get inspired!   [foogallery...

Love is in the Air  with Tillandsia!

Love is in the Air with Tillandsia!

Love is in the Air! Tillandsia a.k.a. air plants are nearly indestructible and super low maintenance. With no root system there is no need for soil or water, these plants survive on the moisture they absorb from the air! Introduce nature into your space with these...

8 Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day

8 Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is in the air, Cupid’s on his way, and you’re wondering whether you’ll be successful this holiday. Fear not: it’s possible to turn that anxiety into a lucrative game plan with the right strategy. We’ve consulted veteran...

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