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Décor Showroom

In the back of our C&C store is a one-of-a-kind 8,000 sqft Décor Showroom, showcasing all the hottest trends and newest items in Home Décor & Events. Separated into the different stories, our displays and designs will inspire every bride & homeowner. From creating a living space they’ll never want to leave to creating the wedding of her dreams, get your inspiration here! If you are unable to come visit, or would like to revisit the experience, check out our Virtual Showroom!

Current Trends

Earthenware, Femme Wild, Symbology, Event, Garden Centre, Holiday/Seasonal


This unique collection of perfectly-imperfect pieces features richly layered glaze and pattern. Authentic designs reflect artistry and humanity, with subtle tonality and texture that highlights materials and sustainability. The Earthenware story offers a raw aesthetic that brings the fast-pace of today’s world into an unhurried space of beauty and sanctuary.

femme wild

Artful and quirky, a collection  with youthful energy and trend-forward lines. The Femme Wild story celebrates the strong woman and the humble houseplant. Featuring bold strokes and patterns, leaves, lines, and colours that make a statement


In today’s uncertain world, we look to ancient culture for wisdom and beauty. Revitalizing and honoring the diversity of our history, the Symbology story is rich with patterns and colors inspired by the natural world. This collection is anchored by unique hand-crafted pieces, with strong shapes and an emphasis on cultural influence that will inspire the next generation to celebrate their own history as they move into the future.

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