Wabara Garden Rose

Senlitsu begins as a medium-sized light pink rose; over time, her petals turn to a pale pink-lavender. Opening about halfway, her bloom retains a deep, petal-packed cup shape. Her name, which means “melody” in Japanese, was inspired by the musical arrangement of her many petals.

Color: Pink

Secondary Color: Light Pink and Lavender

Bloom Form: Deep Cup

Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 2.4 and opens to 3.5 inches

Head Size: Medium

Petal Count: 100

Fragrance Intensity: 0 of 5

Fragrance: Not applicable

Vase Life: 10 Days

Origin: Japan

Length: 40-60 cm

Side Shoots: No

Bloom Opening Habit: 50%

Year Launched: 2018

Substitute: Sabrina, Bridal Piano

Pantone Color:

P 68-1 C

435 C

© Copyright 2019 John G. Hofland

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