Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a classic bouquet of roses. Whether you’re giving or receiving, here’s what you need to know about the meaning behind your Valentine’s Day rose colour:


I Love You

A traditional symbol of love and romance, the red rose is a surefire way to say “I Love You” with a capital L. This bold and dramatic bloom represents deep passion, love and respect for the recipient, which is why it’s the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day. It’s also why they tend to be the most expensive in February. Dont’ worry if you can’t afford an entire dozen, even a single red rose has the same romantic symbolism as an entire bouquet.


I Appreciate You

This sweet colour generally represents elegance and femininity, making it a versatile choice. Darker pink hues represent more gratitude and appreciation for the recipient whereas the lighter shades express gentle grace and admiration. Pink roses are perfect for a new romance, or for sending extra love to friends, sisters and mothers on Valentine’s Day. 


I’m Enchanted by You

While purple roses have a mystical essence, they actually send a fairly bold message of love at first sight. Considering purple also represents royalty, these roses are also a great way to make the recipient feel like a queen. Sprinkling blue roses into the bouquet adds to this sentiment. They’re rare because they’re engineered to achieve the bold hue, which tells recipients that they are also special and unique.


We’re Young and in Love

White roses are the traditional flowers of weddings, making these blooms a symbol of young love. They further represent purity, innocence and truth. A bouquet of elegant white roses on Valentine’s Day typically sends a message of loyalty to the recipient. They’re perfect for a new spouse, but wil also work for a young relationship that feels too new for dramatic red roses.


I’m Passionate About You

These fiery blooms represent enthusiasm and desire. They show admiration and attraction for the recipient, while also sending a spicier message of passion and excitement. A bouquet of orange or coral roses is an especially fitting option if the sender wants to hint at a desire to be more than friends. 


I Love Being Friends With You

Representing friendship, joy and caring, these cheerful blooms show warmth and affection for the recipient without any romantic notions. If you’re sending flowers to friends for the holiday, you can choose from other blooms that also represent friendship.

Once you know what you want your bouquet to say, you can choose the perfect arrangement for you Valentine’s Day roses.

– Teleflora

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