Fragrant Garden Rose

SAF Blue Ribbon, Russian Gold Medal

With fringed, disheveled petals in vivid pink, Yves Piaget makes a striking impression. Her large, bowl-shaped flowers are said to resemble peonies; they carry a strong, fresh citrus scent. Like her namesake — the chairman of the luxury brand of watches and jewelry that also bears his name and a passionate advocate for garden roses — Yves Piaget, the rose, is a charming and charismatic icon of romantic style.

Color: Pink

Secondary Color: Medium Pink

Bloom Form: Peony-shaped

Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 2.3 and opens to 5.8 inches

Head Size: Large

Petal Count: 80

Fragrance Intensity: 5 of 5

Fragrance: Citrus

Vase Life: 8 Days

Origin: France

Length: 40-60 cm

Side Shoots: No

Bloom Opening Habit: 80%

Year Launched: 2008

Substitute: Precious MomentsPrincess Kishi

Awards: SAF Blue Ribbon, Russian Gold Medal

Pantone Color:

213 U

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